Pat's Pet Grooming
7615 Mooresville Rd.
West Newton Indiana 46183                           Open 7AM - 5PM Monday - Friday
                                                                         By appointment only    
                                                                     All Breeds and sizes accepted



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Serving the Mooresville/Camby, Indiana area

   Main Number (317) 407-3244, Cell (317)407-3197

                         Walk-ins welcome when space is available.

       Call about our discount for returning every 6 to 8 weeks

Contact me at                                                                              

                           Thank you for visiting. 

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All pets are treated with kindness and respect. All pets will receive a free exam by the groomer/veterinarian assistant, concerns will be relayed to the client.Your pets will be treated to a spa experience instead of just a groom. We start off with premium shampoo's, including a facial spa scrub, and aroma therapy shampoo's. We then use a Clipper Vac system that helps the haircut look better while keeping the air safe for your pets to breath. We use a Rake Vac system to remove the old undercoat to keep your pet looking great, feeling great, and shedding less. We use a Power Pet washer to get your pets cleaner, quicker, while giving them a soothing hydro massage that promotes healthy skin and helps remove unwanted hair. Your pets are then finished with a high velocity adjustable hand drier to help remove mats and unwanted loose hair.
We have a discount program for regularly repeating customers to help promote a healthier, happier Pet.
Veterinarians available for treatment at the clients request.

We now offer pet pick-up and delivery services in a 10 mile radius of our shop. please call for details.                                                                   
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7615 Mooresville Rd.
West Newton Indiana, 46183                                                                                                               

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